Friday, June 13, 2008

Lisbon treaty, blaaah.

First of all, yeah, I probably would have voted No aswell. Just getting that out of the way.

But the tirade of scare-mongering and sheer propaganda that came from the 'Vote No' camp would be the last reason I would ever have voted No, let's get that straight too. I don't like what they did, I think it was cheap. They lied to people in my opinion. For example, all this, "ooh, the Irish Army is gonna be in 'battle groups' in the EU Army" . Battle groups have been in operation since January 2007. Ireland has been involved in the Nordic Battlegroup of 2800 soliders coming from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Ireland for over a year.
Whoever tried to tell you that this was something to do with the Lisbon treaty, was lying.

That's just one example, I won't go into more right now. Like most people who voted No (I guess), I would have voted No more or less because I don't understand the ins and outs of the treaty. Neither does the government or pro-treaty parties, and clearly, neither did the oppositon. That's just my problem with it.

It's not necessarily the content - I mean change within the Union is obviously necessary: it just doubled in size! Further, I think there was a lot of positive things in the treaty, and the more influence of ideologically-driven European politics has on our conservative -nationalist bullshit political culture, the better in my opinion. But this was handled very wrong.

I am all for a strong and democratic European Union, but more specifically I'm for a participative one. While naturally you can't expect every lay person to understand every single thing about every piece of law signed between countries, there was a dramatic failure on the part of the government or European Union to inform people of what this treaty really involved, which left propagandists on one side and elitists on the other free to either confuse people or make them feel small.

On BBC I just read "Declan Ganley of the anti-treaty lobby group Libertas said that if the No vote had indeed triumphed that it was "a great day for Ireland".

"The people of Ireland have shown enormous courage and wisdom in analysing the facts presented to them and making the decision they have," Mr Ganley said. "

I beg to differ, Declan. The Irish people did not make an informed decision - how the fuck could they? This No vote should reflect the complete opposite; not just the utter failure of our representatives to inform the people of Ireland, nor just the efforts of propagandists with their own agendas to distort the truth, but rather it should reflect the failure of a movement which, whether it was intentional or not, was shifting the democratic process further away from the voting public and hiding it behind a massive wall of words, an impenetrable bureaucracy. While obviously some things need to be left to the professionals, I just feel that moves like this need to be nipped in the bud.

I just think the situation needs to be re-thought. As I said, it's obvious that reform is necessary considering the changes which have taken place in the EU (changes which, let's not forget, the Irish people almost prevented from happening once before). But its clear that something needs to be done to make things more transparent, clear and understandable - so that at least we can keep an eye on the people we elect, the people we are supposed to trust to look after our interests.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Talking through his arse again...

Bush is on CNN right now talking about democracy spreading to the middle east. He made a comparison to the democratisation of Latin America and "places like Chile" where democratisation "once seemed impossible". Well, George, Chile was actually a model for democracy in the region until the US stuck a brutal dictator in charge as soon as your fucking corporate mining interests were threatened.

And since we're talking about democratisation in the middle east, why don't you explain your continued support for dictatorships in:
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
...not to mention


Basically, don't dare talk about spreading democracy in the middle east (or "the Islamic World" in your Huntingtonian lexicon) when you're the biggest sponsor of authoritarianism in the whole damn world.

Update: He just said something like this: "There are those in the Middle East who are suspicious of democracy. I understand that."

Yeah, they're your fucking friends.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Funny where stuff ends up...

Almost 2 years on, a simple google search for "Wake up to Wexford" now yields about 600 results. It's after showing up on numerous youtube-mimmick websites and has been discussed on the likes of, bebo, etc.

But one in particular caught my eye today. It's now found a home on "VideoPile - Thousands of Family-Friendly and Christian videos, for the whole family". []

Now, just to recall a phrase or two from that video:
"You haven't lived until... you've fucked a complete stranger in Keysers lane..."
"...until you've got your nose broken outside colony for being black..."
"...until you've woken up on a marina, feeling like you've been raped by a large Polish man named Tomas, and it might be true..."

Christian? Family Friendly? I must be getting old...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I want to...

...start blogging on a more regular basis, but I would rather the subject matter was perhaps more specefic than this blog. This is basically just a mini-forum for my sporadic rantings on pretty much any topic that tickles my fancy. However, I think I'd like to start a blog (perhaps with other people too) which is more consistently political, and which deliberately concentrates on what we are not told by the western media. I'd rather move the serious blogging away from here, cos this is a bit of a mess. As an IR student, journalism presents a serious option for employment for me, so I want to start concentrating on writing just a little more.
So, if anyone is interested in joining me, then let me know.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Idiotic Power-Hungry Nutcase Alert!!

I mean, it's always Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich, but this guy is taking ignorance to a whole new level. Watch this.

I don't even know where to start! I can't even engage with the sheer idiocy!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why even bother making such lame excuses??

So, Gen. Pervez Musharraf is currently giving his tirade of lies for suspending the constitution, declaring emergency rule, shutting down lots of independent media, cutting off phones, arresting opposition and dismissing the head of the supreme court in Pakistan.

The translation on CNN is terrible, but his first point seems to be that it's because of terrorists. Right, so that's why you should arrest the opposition and dismiss the head of the supreme court...because there are Islamist terrorists on the border with Afghanistan? Eh...what? And it has nothing to do with the fact that the supreme court was probably about to declare your election as president to be invalid?

Another excuse coming through on the extremely bad translation is that he did it because "some do not want to obey the constitution". Well, as my flatmate just put it, that's harldy a surprise considering his own flagrant disregard for it.

Essentially he also claims that the institutions and media that he gave independence to disappointed him (they clearly didn't know how to use it?) so he's decided to take it away.

"I was so embarrassed and humiliated, my own capital is not controlled by me" he says, speaking of the battle at the red mosque in Islamabad this year. So, this is about being embarrassed?

Wait, and didn't this guy promise to resign his military position if he was elected?

Does anyone actually believe this liar? I don't know why he even bothered.

Oh, and should Musharraf succeed, I would expect the likes of the U.S. to be relatively toothless in their condemnation of this. Because they don't actually care about democracy - we already know that, right?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Destroying Iraq, part 2

So, it seems Turkey has begun launching a few rockets in the general direction of Kurdish villages in northern Iraq, in preparation for a possible full-on invasion and violation of the already shaky Iraqi sovereignty. Yes, more bombs and killing of innocent civillians in the most (relatively) prosperous region of the war-torn hell-hole, that's exactly what they need.

Sometimes I can't believe people. Do they seriously think that this is going to make things better? Has it ever made things better? I mean, if there's ever been a more obvious example of a self-sustaining cycle, surely it's the war/terror continuum. Terrorists bomb->terrorists kill->army recruits->army invades->army kills->terrorists recruit->terrorists bomb. Ad infinitum.

Turkey's pig-headed and brainless nationalistic aggression against an ethnic minority doesn't bode well for their denial of genocide against the Armenians in my humble opinion. In fact it's exactly what you'd expect from a country with that kind of history.

Idiots, idiots everywhere!! What are we to do?